About Us

ASTS is a Canadian manufacturer of RV parts and accessories. We create products that empower people to live in a sustainable, net zero energy environment. Hence, the designs of our products focus on energy/power savings, green technology, and aesthetics.

Recreational vehicles (RVs) are an amazing combination of residential construction and automotive. This makes the RV industry follow the aesthetics of a home in conjunction with the power savings (via green technology) that are much needed in a mobile home.

With an experienced team in sustainable design for residential applications, materials & plastics, product & process development, customer relationship and business development, we put all our efforts into making your RV trip comfortable, while contributing to preserving the beauty of nature where you often spend your vacation.

We are a Canadian manufacturer: all our products are designed and made in Canada. Quality assurance is built into our manufacturing process, and we stand by the quality, durability, functionality and aesthetics of our products.

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