About Us

Agence Shop

The ultimate battle to conquer market share starts at the point of sale...

We believe in going beyond aesthetic beauty, and putting together stores that actually work. At Shop, we have honed a specialty in developing innovative and creative strategies for retailers with a client-first focus.

We approach each assignment with every aspect of the retail experience in mind - from shopping behavior to in-store traffic flow, from brand experience to a client's fundamental needs.

Agence Shop born from a fortuitous meeting between Luc Joubert and Brian D. McConnell, Shop Agency is a member of a Canadian-Europeean network of retail professionals. In Canada and France, and its member agencies Onebuyone and Shop are designing commercial spaces for retailers, restaurants, and makers of packaged goods.

SHOP Agency is a team of fifteen specialized professionals located in Montreal and Paris offering expertise in development and merchandising for retailers and their brands.

Our goal: Increase sales performance by enhancing the consumer transaction for our clients.

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