About Us

AlphaDelta’s mission is to Discover Great Investors™ or Investment Managers as they
are known in the investment industry. AlphaDelta offers an opportunity for our clients
to benefit from conventional portfolios which are transparent, simple and focused.
AlphaDelta’s suite of Simplified Prospectus Mutual Funds and affluent investor solutions stand in contrast to the fear and popular prejudice that are endemic in the managed asset industry as passive and closet indexing has proliferated in the past couple of decades.

AlphaDelta sees opportunity in the true, active manager segment of the market.

“We believe that people are intuitively drawn to simplicity and efficiency”


AlphaDelta Canadian Prosperity Class Fund, Managed by Chris Page, Laurus Investment Counsel
AlphaDelta Growth of Dividend Income Class Fund, Managed By John Schmitz, SciVest Capital
AlphaDelta Global Value Class Fund, Managed by Chris Ritchie / Al Chan, Neosho Capital LLC

AlphaDelta’s mutual funds are transparent simple and focused. Simple meaning
they are derived from marketable securities which are priced contemporaneously.
Transparent in that they are easy to understand and focused which means they will
have fewer than 100 securities. Initially launching in early 2015 with a very strong
suite of funds. AlphaDelta’s proprietary service promotes and positions its Great Investors in targeted market segments. This service builds our Great Investors assets under management and their brand equity. (Qwest Investment Funds Management Inc. is the Registered Investment Manager for the AlphaDelta Fund Family).

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence