About Us

Anderson Blake Security Incorporated is dedicated in providing leading edge security services to all organizations. Our founding partners come from a combined 15 years Security background with extensive experience with the Trespass of Property Act, Security Guard and Private Investigators Act, and the Criminal Code of Canada. Our Company is made up of professionals who understand the real need within the industry for more discipline, better communication, and overall a professional approach in delivering high quality security services. Our goal is to excel in the security industry by providing quality services and by building a strong relationship with our clients. Anderson Blake Security Inc. believes that our strength is in our frontline workers. We ensure they are trained for the specific needs of each and every individual property. We go to great lengths to recruit and hire the very best the industry has to offer. Anderson Blake Security Inc. is a reliable, responsible, and dedicated company that strives to achieve absolute satisfaction by delivering the best security services possible.

Anderson Blake Security Inc. Security Guard Services provide fully trained, bonded, licensed and insured Officers.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence