About Us

Vancouver will host a first-class international contemporary art fair, which will feature some of the finest artwork from art galleries and artists across Canada and around the world. The event, Art! Vancouver 2016, will provide local, national, and international artists with the opportunity to gain critical visibility on a prestigious platform, while exposing attendees to a collection of original and diverse artwork that will surely leave them in awe.

Art! Vancouver 2016 is expected to be one of the largest art exhibitions to ever hit Western Canada. Art galleries, dealers, collectors, art aficionados, and art-lovers from all over the world will be in attendance, and for four days, the international fine arts community will be able to connect and collaborate in our lovely city of Vancouver.

Art! Vancouver is the perfect west coast exhibition for artists and art galleries looking to showcase their artwork on an international stage and to attract a diverse market of collectors and professionals. To learn more about Art! Vancouver 2016, please visit www.artvancouver.net or email us at info@artvancouver.net.

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