About Us

Junek Velodromes (Board Track Racing Inc.) of St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada has designed, built + consulted on over 20 velodromes worldwide including Canada, US, South Korea, Europe and Mexico.

Our company offers economical design and construction. Traditional or new materials, such as engineered wood, steel or aluminum, are used for riding surfaces, to build long lasting and affordable facilities*.

The state of the art geometry, based on scientific calculations, and many years of track racing experience, makes our high performance velodromes safe and user friendly.*

*Peter Junek, president and founder of Junek Velodromes/BTR Inc. was, in 2010, acknowledged as one of only 3 individuals in the world that have been certified by the UCI (International Cycling Union) as a designer of UCI approved Velodromes.


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