About Us

Great Canadian companies sometime struggle to hit their full potential, even though they have a great product or service:

• Owner/CEO has been trying for years to take the company to the next level but can't seem to make the next jump in revenues. "Glass Ceiling" phenomena;
• Want to hire the best but without the higher revenues to support FTE's delay staffing up CxO which doesn't help in overcoming their growth hurdle. "Catch 22"; and,
• Owners become too emotionally attached to their business and neglect to see the signs that the time is right to sell the company to a larger entity to enable the firm to achieve its full potential.

C-Level Executive Solutions
A team of hand picked experienced senior level CEO, CIO, CFO, COO, CHRO, CMO etc. Using our proprietary matching process to pair up the ideal Canadian company that has a great product or service with one of our CxO's.

Our methodology is called CxO HeartBeat and it establishes the strategy, tactical plan and road map to direct the business unit and peers of C-Level Execs to implement a plan towards growth potential that could "add a zero to your top line results". Working as a part time member of your CxO team we become your missing executive on your team, rounding out your leadership team.

Leveraging CxO's to grow Canadian companies with confidence!

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Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence