About Us

Canada Metal (Pacific) is a global manufacturer of metal components tailor made to satisfy a broad range of customer requirements. Our experienced team will work with you from design though delivery to help you reduce the manufacturing cost of your components, while maintaining the high quality standards expected of an ISO 9001 certified company.

Canada Metal (Pacific) offers complete solutions including design review, tool making, casting, machining, vibratory finishing, annealing, coatings, painting, plating, assembly, and custom packaging.

We provides solutions to a variety of industries including Marine, Hydraulics, Telecommunications, Transportation, Electronics, Medical, Agriculture and Forestry.

It is our mission is to achieve success with our customers and partners by providing innovative high-performing quality products and world class service.

CMP has a proud tradition of forging new alloys and engineering the future through state-of-the-art robotics, innovation, and quality control.

Business size

101-500 employees


Commercial presence