About Us

Casabella International Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2014. Within the short period of time it became a good reputed company in Morbi. We are supplying all kind of materials related to ceramic segment to the customers. Casabella is providing best quality with competitive price and constantly adopting customer requirement. By continuously dealing with customers it is creating good relationship with trust.

Casabella is supplying finish good product as well as raw material for ceramic manufacturing companies. As a finished good we are supplying all types of ceramic tiles and marbles with Digital Solution and all kind of size range according customer requirements. As a raw material supplier we know the ceramic market very well.

Our tiles have been used in residential, hospitality, retail and commercial projects across all over India and overseas countries. From our experience we know customer requirement according their tradition. So according each region we have a good collection of designs like Glossy series, Rustic series, Metallic series, Marble series, Wooden series

We are ceramic manufacturer from last 10 years. So, we know each and every step of manufacturing very deeply. We always provide better quality that the customer expectation. We have good QC experts who are always looking for our manufacturing process and supplies our valued clients.


Business size

1-10 employees

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