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About Us

Crimson Transaction Technologies (Crimson TT) is focused on providing the ultimate secure, industry-leading transaction software solutions for government and various retail industries. Since 1998, Crimson TT (formerly Millenium Retail Solutions) has helped clients achieve dramatic improvements to their overall business performances with our line of software solutions. We have also strengthened our client's business performances by providing the right solutions that streamline merchandise and customer/store management throughout their locations and across all channels.

Crimson TT is much more than a Point-of-Sale development company. With a team that is deep rooted with experience in retail store systems and payment processing systems, the company has developed into an advanced application development house for all financial transaction software associated with any kind of customer interaction. Our approach is to provide our clients with more control over their retail technology by designing fully customizable point-of-sale, fee collection or bill payment software specifically for the needs of our clients.

Our in-house designed Scoria family of products is versatile and complete to fulfill all retailer and government payment transaction needs. Not only is our software flexible but it can address and incorporate future trends and technologies that are yet to be implemented when they are introduced. Such flexibility would be cost prohibitive if constant changes need to be made to the code. Therefore, a parameter driven application such as the Scoria family of products is an idealistic choice.

Crimson TT is a one-stop shop for all software, hardware and service solutions needed in your industry. Crimson TT works with our clients hand-in-hand to design the right software, choose the best hardware and services for their unique needs.


Business size

1-10 employees

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