About Us

EduConsillium is a network of senior training, education, communication and human resources professionals who under the direction of Claude Martel, Daniel Dupont and Hugues Zucconi specialize in the strategic deployment of education and training and events management. EduConsillium expertise is built upon the knowledge, development and implementation of:

- Strategic planning of educational and training organizations
- Instructional design
- Course and program evaluation
- Implementation of learning technologies
- Competency management
- Technical and operational consulting
- Financial planning & budgeting
- Internal & external financing opportunities
- Management of learning and development units

One of the keys to EduConsillium’s success is that we work in conjunction with your existing resources (management and staff). With the help of focused consulting and coaching by EduConsillium professionals, your team will be guided to execute effective organizational strategies.

Business size

26-100 employees

Commercial presence