About Us

Emefcy is an Israel-based, award-winning wastewater treatment company, pioneering the development and commercialization of disruptive energy-efficient and cost-efficient wastewater treatment and reuse products. Emefcy is run by experienced domain experts founders and a professional managing team.

Wastewater treatment consumes about 2% of the global power production. It is a massive resource consuming industry, which could spend a lot less and do much more with the proper technological solutions. Furthermore, highly demanded distributed reuse applications are currently limited by the high costs for small scale plants. Emefcy has developed two technologies: SABRE and EBR, which address the above limitations in municipal and industrial plants.

SABRE stands for Spiral Aerobic Biofilm Reactor. It is a simple, low cost, modular and scalable solution for small and medium size wastewater treatment plants.
SABRE is based on self-respiring membranes which provide oxygen for the biological treatment process. By eliminating the need to blow compressed air through the wastewater for aeration, SABRE saves up to 90% of the power. The modular product design enables distributed treatment and gradual expansion possibilities over time.
SABRE is ideal for wastewater treatment and reuse in small municipalities, hotels, resorts, casinos, campgrounds, mining camps, commercial centers, golf courses, and many others.

EBR stands for Electrogenic Bio Reactor. It treats industrial wastewater, while simultaneously generating electricity from the process, to be fed to the grid.
EBR is an energy positive wastewater treatment technology with lower sludge handling cost (because very little sludge is produced).
Like SABRE, EBR is based on a modular design, enabling gradual implementation and easier expansion.

Emefcy has a fully operative production facility, ready to support rapid sales ramp-up.

Business size

26-100 employees

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