About Us

Fauve & Associates is a head hunting firm for professionals and intermediate-level managers. We assist clients at each stage of the talent acquisition process.

Our overall approach allows us to attract the best candidates and to fill your strategic positions.

With our experienced team of recruiters and our extensive business network, we always meet the challenge of finding the best candidate for you.

Strategic research
Research based on a rigorous methodology and a customized strategy. A real process to identify and assess candidates based on measurable aspects. A search plan developed for each mandate, complete mapping, precise assessments and personalized interviews.

Client experience
A collaborative approach as well as transparent and professional client service. We believe that our flexibility and customized service contribute to the successful completion of our mandates and help to forge long-standing partnerships.

Our team is dedicated and fully committed to ensuring that our clients receive quality services and tangible results. We always recruit the best talent on the market and focus all of our efforts on achieving this goal with precision and effectiveness, as we are result-oriented.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence