About Us

Gallant HealthWorks & Associates (GHWA) provides strategic health care, education, research, and leadership solutions to organizations, businesses, individuals, groups and governments. Paul W. Gallant, CHE, President, has 33 years of diverse experience in health care, connecting excellent solutions to key decision-makers, operational leadership, management, needs assessments, governance and consulting. Paul's reputation is supported by more than 1000 skill endorsements. (see Linkedin Profile for details).

Experience includes:
>advising, leading, promoting and supporting business, healthcare, research and education services Canada-wide and internationally including the USA, China and UK.

Pre-qualified/vendor on record:
-Doctors of BC formerly BCMA, the BC Medical Association (A GP for Me)
-Health Shared Services BC (procurement for all BC health authorities)
-BC Government

More at www.GallantHealthWorks.com GHWA works in collaboration with Journil Solutions Ltd. (telehealth)

Business size

1-10 employees