About Us


Knova is a business that creates web and mobile applications and offers its actual and potential partners dependable, secure and easy-to-use solutions. With this objective in mind, Knova challenged itself to continually optimize its research in order to meet the power of computer operations with the needs of future and present clients. The founders of Knova primarily base their innovations on what they retain from carefully listening to the requests of their target markets. The main service of the company is TagMyDoc. TagMyDoc is revolutionary in its innovation. In fact, TagMyDoc is the new way to share documents. It changes the philosophy of sharing documents. TagMyDoc allows you to directly add a tag to any kind of document wich can be scan and retreive as a virtual copy.

TagMyDoc's Mission

TagMyDoc wants to revolutionize the process of instantly exchanging documents by offering a new way to interact with documents and make people use TagMyDoc to further connect with their readers.

Commercial presence