About Us

We are Financial Planners that help business owners make smart decisions about their money. Our trademark Paragon 5 Financial Planning Process™ reviews the structure of all your wealth and clarifies what steps to take to keep more money in your pocket today without affecting your plans for tomorrow. A Financial Advisor that specialises in the needs of business owners realises that business owners need more that just a retirementt plan

Our Financial Planners realize that business owners are underserved and misunderstood in the financial services industry. A well run strategy for your financial affairs is a lot more than just investments and RRSPs. It takes tax planning, estate planning and succession planning strategies, just to name a few. This is why I created Merit Financial Planning. We are a fee based Financial Planning firm which means that we are not product driven. We do not receive any commissions for products sold as is the case with most other financial services institutions. We’re all about helping you, the business owner, make simple, informed decisions about how to manage your wealth by educating you about all the options that are available. We then help you choose the best quality and most cost efficient products, and implement strategies that will provide you with incredible value for your money.

Business size

1-10 employees

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