About Us

MSH Engineers is a privately owned company providing Mechanical and Electrical Engineering services; predominately in the HVAC, Plumbing, Sanitary, Fire Protection sector. Our consultants possess acute engineering acumen, with multiple years of experience on the most diverse projects nationwide. With Professional Engineering Licensing and multiple designations under the belt; MSH Engineers are some of the most qualified and intelligent engineers in the country. This makes our task force dynamic and flexible which can adapt to the client’s needs. What makes MSH Engineers stand above their competition? We provide expert services on the most difficult projects to device a comprehensive solution in a timely manner. We go above our scope of work in order to provide total customer satisfaction with competitive pricing to our clients. We work with our clients to not only meet their needs but exceed it. MSH has served as prime consultants and can bring on Structural or Environmental Engineering services if need be. The principals are easily accessible to the client for feedback and friendly advice.