About Us

Nanotek Consulting Corp. is a Toronto based IT consulting company established in 1994. We are a Canadian owned and operated company recognized for our innovative IT Solutions, excellent customer service and secure network systems.

Nanotek is in IT business for last two decades and is responsible for providing:

(A) Cloud Solutions:
(a.1) Private Virtual Cloud (PVC)
(a.2) Hybrid Cloud
(a.3)On-Premise Cloud.

(B) Migration Services:
(b.1) Data Migration from Legacy Applications.
(b.2) E-mails Migration from legacy e-mail Servers like Lotus Notes.

(C) Messaging / Communications:
(c.1) MS Exchange Implementation.
(c.2) BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server).
(c.3) Active Synchronization for Apple and Android Ecosystem.

(D) Data Back Ups:
(d.1) Virtual boot Technology.
(d.2) Granular Recovery.
(d.3) Disaster Recovery Planning.

(E) Microsoft Solutions:
(e.1) Office 365 Implementations.
(e.2) MS Sharepoint Implementation & Deployments.
(e.3) MS Dynamics.

(F) Security Solutions:
(f.1) Anti Virus Solutions.
(f.2) Spam Filtering.
(f.3) Network Security.

(G) Database Administration:
(g.1) SQL Server 2008/2012.
(g.2) MY SQL 5.5.

(H) CISCO Certified IT Professionals:
(h.1) Data / Telephony Management.
(h.2) Internet Monitoring / Filtering.

For further details, please visit our website: www.nanotek.ca

Business size

26-100 employees