About Us

OptiMax® is a Canadian company founded in 2008 specializing in real time drilling optimization. OptiMax® incorporates leading edge, field proven technology with a real-time advisory service to help its customers reduce drilling costs and risks, and maximize drilling efficiencies. The true value of this technology is that it enables the drillers to identify and mitigate the various challenges they are experiencing on a case by case scenario, including:

- Vibrations
- Stick slip
- Bit balling
- Extend bit life
- Increase ROP

The implementation of OptiMax's real time drilling efficiency curve has resulted in significant gains in drilling performance with instantaneous ROP increases of 100 - 400% and increases in meterage per day by 30 - 100%, similar results have been observed in soft and hard formations, low and high angle wells.

Using OptiMax® your drillers are able to establish "best practices" in the intervention techniques used to maximize drilling efficiencies.

Business size

1-10 employees


Commercial presence