About Us

P2 is a developer of solar PV power projects. P2 is focused on building new solar PV projects where renewable energy policies are favorable and where the public and private sectors are actively seeking to incorporate solar PV into their electricity consumption profiles.

P2 believes we are part of a paradigm shift that is propelling the world towards clean, green, renewable energy. As a result of the continuous decrease in solar PV panel costs – akin to a Moore’s Law for solar PV – solar PV power is becoming competitive with grid electricity prices in an increasing number of places that have good solar irradiation and high and rising electricity prices. In addition, both the public sector and private entities are increasingly setting renewable energy targets to reduce their reliance on greenhouse gas emitting fossil fuels. P2 seeks to contribute to these secular trends towards building a more environmentally sustainable world.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence