About Us

The channel eclipse is happening. Either the vendors or the clients want to go direct. Your client can easily set up a dropbox account, or Microsoft can sell Office 365 to the client directly. This means that the role of the MSPs in the channel is changing dramatically.

It’s not easy to sell new services to the existing client base. Just think about your best client, who buys nearly every service you offer. Why can you only sell your basic services to the rest? Maybe they put you in the "techy" slot, so your name does not come up when they are facing a business challenge which can be solved with an IT solution. Perhaps most of the time they just do not know exactly what you are doing for them, and they are just complaining and want better prices. To sell your services to new clients is even harder.

ReframeYourClients is a toolset which solves all the above problems. It is a method, a process, and a software developed for Managed Service Providers to begin and conclude the higher level conversations with their existing clients or their prospects.

Reframing clients means changing the way people see things, and trying to find alternative ways of viewing the IT in general, and your MSP practice in particular. That means getting them to see the whole picture, how they can get a competitive edge, how they can decrease cost, and how they can maintain the continuity of their businesses.

Business size

1-10 employees

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