About Us

TEAMLICIOUS INC. is a quality distributor and retailer of events and gift supplies in North America and beyond. Building and maintaining strategic alliance with our manufacturers, distributors, consumers and other industry related partner while adopting a customer and market focused sales and marketing paradigm is our goal.

Teamlicious Inc. runs two business units. The Retail Services Unit for Balloon and events decorations, gifts, helium delivery and the platform outsourcing distributions unit in Canada & US. The Retail Unit provides unique and professionally made balloon bouquets and events planning for all occasions, gift baskets, indoor blimps, toys for all ages, and helium gas for customers in major cities and remote locations where there is scarcity of helium supply and distribution across Canada & United States

Our professional events planner enjoy helping to find the perfect combinations of items to suit each occasion! It’s our joy and satisfaction to find out that the designs chosen were successful after each event. Other retail services includes balloon Imprint, balloon accessories, teddy bears and gift baskets services.

At Teamlicious Inc. We make it a necessity to help clients and all customers in growing their volume, achieving their needs and exceeding demand and supply in other to make them succeed and achieve their wants in a short time frame.

Our Professional staff are friendly, honest, outgoing, and patient and would do anything for our customers because being helpful to our clients is truly important to us.

To achieve these goal, we maintain close, long term relationships with all manufacturers, by selling and customizing biodegradable balloons and original products from the manufacturing origin.
Our goal is to provide our customers with the simplest, most profitable line of product for their type of business.


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