About Us

Did you know that businesses can be paying 40% more than they should be for their telecom services?

Telecommunications can be a large percentage of your operating costs plus keeping up with industry changes from new rate plans, programs, etc. can be overwhelming and time consuming.

TWB Consulting can provide you with solutions that fit your business by improving your services while reducing your communications costs.

At TWB Consulting we leverage our relationships with multiple carriers and service providers to deliver flexible, affordable and high-performance packages to our clients.

Telecom services:

Standard phone lines, toll-free numbers, VoIP
Wireless and Data Plans
High Speed Internet
Satellite and Cable Television

Our Services include:

Review of your present billings.
Work directly with your business and analyze future business plans.
Match up your business to the right services.
Act as the sole point of contact and handle all of the details.
Provide phone installations through our partners.
Oversee installation procedures for new installs.
Provide expert guidance and proven know-how to ensure that businesses get the high-performing service packages promised.

Bottom line: If we can't find savings for you, then you don't pay for our services.

Business size

1-10 employees

Commercial presence